Kirkman Amyx
Election News
Pigment Ink Print
44" x 44"
Election News contains all 2012 election related headlines clipped and photographed from the covers of the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the USA Today, with the date range of January 1st - November 7th.

The project leverages digital technology and key-wording to cull, select, and montage relational topics from the different national newspapers. In this instance, the keyword of “election” was used for selection. The combined headlines produce image patterns that both represent a temporal view of historical events, but also may offer a visual quantification of possible bias.

Election News was chosen to be exhibited at The Flood Gallery in their Annual National Exhibition. The exhibit theme is "Socio-political relations in, or associated with, the United States." Entries were judged by Diana Stoll, contributor and senior editor for Aperture Magazine. The work will be on exhibit from January 18th - 31st, The Flood Gallery, Asheville, North Carolina.